Thursday, December 7, 2017

Blog 5

I plan to do half of my senior thesis about a subject within my major in the UK. I plan to do a study on how TV journalism is the same/different between the UK and the US. My thesis will focus on news and current events in both countries as well as international relations and how it is presented in the news media. I need to go to United Kingdom to fully understand the media presentation and media’s effect on society.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Blog #5

Studying abroad in France will help my vocational goals in a lot of ways. My first major goal is to learn how adapt my environment and understanding  a new country for a long period of time. One way I can become more evolved is to be a part of the international student programs or also get involved in diversity programs. I would also want to try is to go out weekly to experience what all the country and the city has to offer. meeting new  friends the want to explore with other international students would be a great experience too. I can't wait to leave and try to accomplish my goals

Blog 5: Vocation

Studying abroad in Spain will help my vocational goals in many ways. My first major goal is to learn to become better adaptive to my environment and going to a new country for an expanded period of time will hopefully help me fulfill this goal. One of the big ways I can become more evolved is to be a part of the international student programs. I can also request to have a local advice me in any area I need help in which will help me get use to my surroundings. One big step I would like to continuously try is to go out weekly to experience what all the country has to offer. I would like to do this with friends that are looks, but exploring with other international students would be a great experience too. I am hoping that I will gain better expectation for other people, more knowledge of the country, and become a global citizen.


Nate Long

While studying abroad I will be completing many vocational goals.  First and foremost, my most important goal is becoming bilingual.  This is something that has become very important to me since in high school when I first started taking Spanish classes and it is something I plan on using in my day to day career once I graduate, in whatever form it may be.  For this reason, I feel this is the most important thing for me while abroad.  I feel this will be most easily accomplished by spending as much time as possible with actual Spaniards, which is easier said than done.  In order to get involved with them one of my main goals is to try and get involved in extracurricular events with them, particularly soccer.  I feel that through this I will gain friends and from there clearly be able to spend time with people who are fluent in Spanish.  Another thing I intend to do is try to observe as much as possible and attempt to compare it to business here.  I feel that in store this could be easily observed but one other place I want to observe is particularly around soccer, which will be important because I plan to center my senior thesis around this.  Also, this should be both interesting and fun for me because I feel it simply means looking at soccer and the business around it.  The local soccer team in Pamplona, CA Osasuna, is located right across the street from my school so I feel that this will make learning about them easier.  Lastly, one skill I think study abroad will give me is a better sense of appreciating everyone for who they are and their culture, particularly when it is not the same as mine.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Vocation- Mackenzie Yaksic

While abroad in Valparaiso, Chile, the biggest vocational skill I want to master is the Spanish language. I wish to this for multiple reasons. The first is simply because it is appealing to any employer, and it will put me above other well qualified people applying for the same job. Perhaps the main reason I want to learn Spanish is because I am thinking of seeking a career that requires extensive knowledge of the language and its origins. Such jobs include ESL teacher, Spanish professor, or some job that deals with international affairs. A third reason I wish to learn Spanish is for personal reasons. I love the language and its grammar, so I want to learn it because it is fun for me.
Another vocational goal I have is to competently work in group settings with those of another culture. By doing this means that I have carefully examined and understood another culture and the differences it may have from my American culture. Culturally competent also means that I have practiced and understand that interactions in other cultures may look different than those in my country.
Lastly, I want to make personal connections within the university with my fellow classmates and professors. Having connections in academics can hold potential for me to return to Valparaíso in future academic affairs. Another area I wish to make personal connections in is YoungLife, which is a Christian organization that is devoted to bringing the news of the Gospel to high school students. It is something I am involved in as a leader here in Maryville, and I wish to broaden my connections within the ministry.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Vocation is something that I am always trying to discern. But, I do know that I am always in the business of helping others. I have been thinking it would be cool to lead a study group for other Americans abroad. I have recently been excited about the idea of teaching philosophy or religious studies in higher education. So, I would be interested to see if there would be on-campus jobs in the library or as a tutor. This would be a fun, leadership role abroad. The KU is also a very big advocate for being active community members in Eichstätt. They have special programs called volunteer work. "A wide range of student groups, working groups and projects offer opportunities for students to get involved in political, Christian, social and creative initiatives. Alongside their studies KU students campaign for human rights, support conservation and represent the interests of their fellow students."  So, I would love to specifically get involved in one of, or all, of these socially motivated initiatives that will benefit others. This would prove invaluable for many of my other passions such as working with non-profits back home, urban-food ministry within a church context, and advocating for people on the margins of society. Ultimately, I expect to gain skills of intercultural competency, understanding religious behavior in a larger cultural framework, and how to gain the most fulfillment out of life. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Blog post 4 - Living Like a Local - Luke Wheat

Living like a local has been the one thing I have had in mind my whole time since I knew I was going to Spain. the ways to achieve that, which I can think of before getting there include; having many friends from the local area, getting involved in extra curricular activities, and eating locally as much as possible so I am in the culture in a more broad aspect. Some extra curricular activities I hope to be involved in include soccer, which is my first option primarily because it is my sport here at Maryville college. I anticipate there to be locals in my classes, but if not I am not really a shy person so I will be able to put myself out there just fine I believe. I believe since my Spanish is advanced at this point that I will have some nerves, but at the same time I have never really had much fear about speaking in a different language because that is the only way to learn. I think it is good the university I am at is close to a big city, that way I can experience both types of life while in Spain. A smaller town in Avila which is about 30 minute west, and Madrid, the big city, which is about 30 minutes east. This is an exciting prospect because I will be able to compare and contrast the living styles in the various places of Spain.